About Us

SDZ Holdings – From prize-winning cannabis strain developer to pioneering medicinal cannabis product producer.

SDZ Holdings is a sustainable medicinal cannabis solution company focussed on seizing a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a business in an industry in global transition from illegal to legal.


Vision & Strategy

SDZ Holdings is driven to become a leading player with the highest quality positioning in a market which is going to see massive new entry over the next few years.  The aim is draw on the shareholders’ years of experience of developing and cultivating the best strains, excellence in growing and extraction standards, and relationships for distribution.  At the same time, the company will establish the highest standards of management and governance, Board and Advisory Board, to enable it to engage with and develop partnerships with the best institutions and commercial partners for specific applications.  Hence SDZ Holdings will become the go to partner for those seeking partnership and development inspecific market verticals, whether multiple CBD medical products, nutraceuticals, CBD drinks, alcoholic beverages, pet products and a complete and comprehensive range of Hemp products marketed as “Hempd”. As this market developed SDZ adapts.

SDZ Holdings has two distinctive business units to manage effectively the segments where SDZ Holdings supply product: –

  • Commonwealth Health that will manage all the pure medicinal products developed by SDZ and will engage with Cambridge University for clinical testing and trials of the strains developed by CBD
  • Hempd will manage all products that are pure Hemp or Hemp infused products such as ouls, beverages and a full range of wellness products

A key element of SDZ’s strategy is to leverage our strengths in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK